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Health Touch Massage Therapy offers a unique massage experience for those living in Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Maryville, and surrounding areas. Read on to learn more about what Massage Therapy can do for you!

“In every branch of the practice of medicine, touching should be considered an indispensable part of the doctor’s art…the doctor should know what the human touch is capable of achieving in soothing ruffled feelings, in assuaging pain, in relieving distress, in giving reassurance, in making, in short, all the difference in the world…Touch always enhances the doctor’s therapeutic abilities and the patient’s recuperative capabilities. The laying on of hands has for centuries been well understood in religious communion. It would be well if it were similarly understood within the healing community.”

- A. Montagu

What can Massage Therapy do for you?

Ease your pain: According to a 2011 consumer survey by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), 90 percent of individuals surveyed perceive massage as effective in reducing pain. Those with a household income of $50K-$75K had the highest number of massages in the last year, with an average of 6.2 per household. This is a indicates an increase in massage as pain relief and a reduction in use for relaxation.

The 2012 Massage Profession Research Report indicated for the second year in a row, males clients received 5.6 massages in a year compared to 3.9 massages received by females.

    Boost your immune system

: In a 2010 study, scientists at Cedars-Sinai found that 29 subjects who received 45 minutes of Swedish massage had an immune system boosting response when compared to 24 participants who received 4 minutes of light touch.

Research shows massage therapy relieves back pain, relief from pain & anxiety in cancer patients, relief from muscle spasms, improving surgical preparation and recovery, relief from lymphodema, aides in coping with mental stress, relief from arthritis, and injury.

In recent years, astonishing results have been reported by overseeing officials in crisis recovery efforts at Hurricane Katrina, the 9-11 attacks at the World Trade Center, Oklahoma City bombing, and countless catastrophes across the country where massage therapy emergency response teams helped victims and recovery workers cope with emotional and physical trauma. Research carried on at the Touch Research Institute, Miami, Florida, continues to indicate the many benefits of massage on infants, computer/desk workers, and the elderly.

    Fight aging

: By 2046, the average age is expected to reach 120-150 years. Benefits of health-conscious adults focused on preparing their bodies for a lifetime of good health are obvious.

Massage can also:

  • Improve circulation of blood & lymph
  • Relax muscles & improves joint mobility
  • Encourage general relaxation & serotonin production for emotional & mental health
  • Improve energy flow
  • Promote well-nourished & healthy skin
  • Combat the negative effects of aging
  • Relieve the effects of stress

Consistent massage provides cumulative benefits, so the more often one gets a massage, the better he or she will feel and the longer the effects will last.

According to a American Hospital Association’s Health Forum,: 64 percent of hospitals reported using massage therapy as part of outpatient care, and 44 percent use massage therapy as part of inpatient care. Research shows massage reduces depression, anxiety, and pain.

5 most popular reasons for massage:

  • Stress 70%
  • Pain management 67%
  • Therapy for cancer 52%
  • Improved mobility 52%
  • Ease pregnancy discomfort 51%

Improve immune system function, energy levels increase in cancer patients, lowers cortisol levels up to 53%, weekly massage increases serotonin & dopamine.

“It is through the emotional involvement of touch that one can reach through the isolation and communicate love, trust, affection, and warmth.”

- Daybreak Geriatric Massage Project Training Manual

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